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One doesn’t need a Ph.D. in biochemistry to get the point . . . If companies are selling athletes supplements as anabolic and ergogenic aids then either they are kidding themselves or they are fooling the athletes. In either case, the athlete is throwing money away.
So, can an athlete use nutritional supplements to help achieve peak performance capability? Yes, absolutely. Not by falling for the latest commercial sales pitch, but rather by understanding and testing his or her own body buy anabolics online.
Simply understand that, as an athlete, one goes through frequent swings in body chemistry from the anabolic state to the ergogenic state – a short ergogenic state during exercise, followed by a much longer anabolic state during recovery. These two states are the extremes of body chemistry an athlete must achieve to respond to the extreme demands of intensive training.
Normal (balanced) body chemistry lies between these two extremes. And it is from this state of balance that an athlete’s body is prepared to swing in whatever direction is required, immediately upon demand.