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It’s time for a serious bulk cycle. You just competed in the bodybuilding open division for the first time, and let’s be honest- you just had your rear end handed to you by guys carrying a lot more muscle. It’s time to buckle down and spend a solid 9 months adding muscle to your frame. You’ve had your post-show food binge. You already retired then un-retired. You’ve spent the last 2 weeks moping with your face in a pizza box mulling over your next step. You gave your body a rest and now it’s time to buy anadrol online come back, both barrels firing. Let’s add some mass!

This time, you’re going to do it right. You’re going to run a cycle using the very toxic, and very powerful Anadrol 50. It’s well known in steroid circles that the most effective steroids also deliver the most side effects, and you’re prepared for that. Let’s learn more about Anadrol and see if you’re ready for it.