The best massage for bodybuilder

Bodybuilding like no other sport creates a huge load on the musculoskeletal system of man. Therefore, to improve constantly, save the results, or even just to stay healthy, you need to apply the most effective methods of recovery. One of them is a professional massage, which, incidentally, runs on a specialized massage table. Buy or order one of the varieties of these devices can be on this site .

The beneficial effects of massage

The main purpose of massage for the body builder is a quick recovery, decrease fatigue, prevention and treatment of injuries, as well as general health promotion. Subject to all rules of massage treatments are so effective that they can be used as a means of preparing for a competition. Effects of massage legal steroids usa is subject to not only the skin and the surface area of ​​the muscles, but also the deeper layers of the tissues of the body – the inner layers of muscles, ligaments and tendons. In addition, the positive impact is subjected to the nervous system. In sports practice the most widely used three types of massage:

  • training;
  • preliminary;
  • recovery.

massage training

The basis of this type of massage includes techniques such effects as stroking, kneading and rubbing. The main purpose of the training is placed massage prevention of damage to the joints and muscle tissue. With the help of the muscular system athlete reaches the desired physical tone. Using one or the other technique, through massage training is given the right psychological tone – relax or, conversely, excitement – depending on the purpose. The duration of the session depends on the current state of the athlete’s body.Optimally useful time application training massage – 1.5 hours after exercise. In predsorevnovatelny during massage treatments carried out in the period 24-48 hours before the performance. Greater attention during the massage is given to one area of ​​the body that are working directly on the workout.

preview massage

The procedure is carried out for 15-30 minutes before exercise or competition. It is based include such techniques as kneading, friction, vibration, shaking and squeezing. The main purpose of massage – improving blood circulation, warm up the muscles and joints, increasing the psychological tone (prevention prelaunch fever) and improve joint mobility. During use of the massage permissible warming ointments and gels, especially in those areas of the body that will be worked on this training.